Pharma Sales Reps

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Having trouble getting in touch with doctors? provides you with a new way of engaging with doctors – based on timely recommendations and pertinent information you can really use.

Do you need help to act as “account manager” for your doctors (liaison between doctors and pharma companies, demonstrating new modes of administration, explaining reimbursement, etc.)? provides all you need to become an effective account manager and to optimize all facets of the customer experience.

Are you maximizing the short time you get to spend with doctors? provides the context-specific knowledge to meet the right doctor at the right time and deliver the right message.

Are you maximizing the many different ways to reach out to doctors to provide them with relevant information? informs you which methods work best for which doctors by learning from your calls, emails, meetings and (coming soon) video engagement with your doctors.

Are you consistently providing new, relevant data to doctors, or just going through the same canned presentation? coaches you about what questions to ask and what information to provide to each doctor.

Are you using email effectively in your sales efforts? helps you optimize your email cadence for each doctor to maximize engagement.

With a rise in pharma’s new marketing strategies, the number of physicians willing to talk to a rep had been decreasing rapidly. Pharma reps now play the part of account manager, and often have to work with physicians to educate them about rare diseases. The advent of digital technologies has also shaped the way reps and doctors interact, limiting the amount of time physicians spend with reps, and changing the way they receive data. While the role of the sales rep has been changed, the position is still an integral part of how Pharma does business. provided the Pharma sales rep with a new way of engaging with physicians – based on timely recommendations and pertinent information that they can really use.

With the decline of primary care drugs, Pharma has moved to a new business model, giving rise to the age of specialty care drugs. While fifteen years ago, reps were trying to deliver an educational message based on brand choice, now the role of the rep has become much more multi-faceted. Sales reps are put in a very different position, that of account manager, providing the service of liaison between physicians and companies, and responsible for things including demonstrating new modes of administration and explaining reimbursement. provides all of the capabilities for a Pharma rep to become an account manager, enabling them to track and optimize all facets of the customer experience.

The time reps get with doctors has been decreasing for the last several years. The number of physicians that are considered accessible is down to 44%, from as high as 80% in 2008, according to the ZS Associates 2016 AccessMonitor report. Yet, even those doctors that give access to reps are spending less time with them — most reps now only have about three minutes with doctors, down from six minutes in 2012. provides the context-specific knowledge to meet the right physician at the right time and deliver the right message – all based on its context-specific recommendation engine. Sales Managers can create the appropriate “coaching” steps to help the rep move the engagement and Quarterly’s AI then automatically delivers these coaching messages within the context of the engagement with the physician.

Even though doctors are spending less time with sales reps, that does not mean they aren't interested in the information the reps are providing. In fact, many doctors are just choosing to get the information differently, or in ways that are more accommodating for their very busy schedule. Doctors are spending an average of 84 hours a year on reading digital marketing material. And many drug websites now include a separate page just to educate physicians. But sales reps still have their place. Reps are now using iPads to answer questions about drugs or show research to doctors. They're are also using video chats after typical business hours to engage with physicians during convenient times. This is not to say that digital can replace face-to-face communication, it’s just that it’s not the preferred method any more. However, digital marketing methods can amplify the success of pharma sales reps and help them provide additional materials that Health Care Providers (HCPs) will appreciate. can monitor call, email, meeting, (and soon, video) based engagement between the rep and the physician. Over time it can learn which methods work best and for whom. In this way complements the digital media available to the physician.

One of the most common complaints from physicians is that sales reps don’t deliver any new, relevant data. In fact, their entire performance seems scripted or canned, with very little personalization. As a result, most rep visits seem repetitive and don’t keep physicians’ needs in mind. Sales reps get so focused on their spiel that they have to carry it out completely, no matter what. can provide the rep with pertinent information relevant to the clinician’s needs. Quarterly’s unique mobile micro-data also enables the sales manager to have unprecedented preceptorship and coaching opportunities, both on the device and face-to-face.

The top 3 channels for pharma marketers to reach HCPs are promotional emails, KOL webinars and HCP portals. As webinars take significant time and resources and HCP portals have proven to be unsuccessful, email is one of the best channels to reach physicians. Moreover, email is the channel where it’s the easiest to monitor performance and calculate marketing return on investment. can monitor all sent emails from Rep to Physician as well as time and frequency of responses, and help the rep come up with a personalized cadence that works best for each individual HCP. provides detailed micro-data of geolocation, time and duration of calls, emails and meetings, as well as context-based information (how long has the physician been at a given stage of engagement.) Unlike static, manual-entry CRMs, provides intelligent assistance and coaching, customized for each rep, based on their activity and performance.